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Data Recovery

Rescue deleted files and undo emptying your recycle bin. Data Recovery makes it easy.

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Important resources

We've compiled a list of links that have helped us in the past, including our own article pages. If you need to undelete files, look here first. Our own articles cover methods for undeleting multiple types of files from almost any device - it's a great library that can help you recover deleted files from almost any medium. The external resources are for technically-advanced users who want to take their data recovery in to their own hands.

Recover deleted folders

While other undelete products may be able to recover individual deleted items from your system, only ParetoLogic Data Recovery has advanced deleted folder recovery technology. ParetoLogic Data Recovery makes it easy to recover deleted folders from your computer. Its fast scan will reveal deleted folders on your system, allowing you to organize and preview each one. Then, with a click of a button, you can recover the deleted folder in its entirety.

Undelete memory card files

Did you know that it's possible to recover memory card files, even after you've "permanently" deleted them? Even if your camera or Windows can't see your pictures or videos any more, ParetoLogic Data Recovery is able to recover them. This software is able to undelete files from any type of memory card (including memory sticks, SD cards, compact flash, XD cards, and others), and has a 99% success rate.