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Important resources

We've compiled a list of links that have helped us in the past, including our own article pages. If you need to undelete files, look here first. Our own articles cover methods for undeleting multiple types of files from almost any device - it's a great library that can help you recover deleted files from almost any medium. The external resources are for technically-advanced users who want to take their data recovery in to their own hands.

Windows XP File Recovery

Each version of Windows handles its files slightly differently. When you need to recover deleted files from a specific version of Windows, it's critical that you ensure that the software has specialized routines designed for your computer. If you're using Windows XP, you need to make sure that your file recovery software can handle NTFS, large partitions, XP file permissions, and other XP-specific problems. ParetoLogic Data Recovery is guaranteed to recover files from your Windows XP computer.

Undelete from Memory Sticks

Memory sticks (or memory keys / USB flash drives) are more important to computer users than ever before. People rely on them to hold sensitive personal information that they need with them at all times, or to store critical documents. So what happens when something goes wrong and your USB flash drive is accidentally erased? Read on - we show you how to use ParetoLogic Data Recovery to undelete deleted files from memory sticks.