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PC Tools Spyware Doctor

Have you installed one too many free smiley packs? Maybe it was the last set of arcade games that did it. Or maybe you just happened to visit the wrong website with the wrong web browser - and now your computer is completely hosed. You can't go anywhere without getting 10 popups, and there's 20 waiting for you in the morning. You're stalked by nasty advertisements for the type of things you'd never look for on your own - so what went wrong? You have anti-virus software, so why is your computer acting like it has a mind of its own? The reason is quite simple: spyware. The solution, luckily, is just as simple.

Spyware Doctor is just as important as your anti-virus program.

If you don't have anti-spyware on your computer, you're only half-protected. Spyware programs, which have much more ambiguous legal and technical status than viruses, can come on to your computer with just one click if you fail to read a 20-page end user license agreement. (And really - who actually reads those things?) At Undelete All, we use Spyware Doctor to protect our workstations - it's received all sorts of awards from people like Tucows, C|NET, and other top shareware sites.

Using Spyware Doctor: The process

Spyware Doctor's first act of duty after it finishes installing is to update itself with the latest spyware definitions from PC Tools. PC Tools is one of the leading anti-spyware developers in the field, and they regularly update their massive definition list. After the update is complete, PC Tools activates its On Guard Protection, which actively monitors your PC as you're using it for incoming spyware threats. Spyware Doctor also starts an initial scan of your system to ensure that no malware is currently present on your computer.

The anti-spyware scan

One of the first things you'll notice about Spyware Doctor is how fast its anti-spyware scan is. Don't wory - that doesn't mean it's not doing anything! The reality of the situation is the PC Tools has some of the world's best security developers working for them, and the result of this expertise is a super-fast malware scan that still has high detection rates.

Anti-spyware scan results

If Spyware Doctor finds spyware on your system, it first presents each instance of suspicious malware to you to give you the opportunity to inspect its results. Spyware Doctor's research team includes a brief description of each malware instance detected, allowing you to determine if any of the spyware it has found is responsible for strange behavior on your system.

Removing spyware with Spyware Doctor

If Spyware Doctor does find spyware on your system, the removal process is painless and non-technical. First, Spyware Doctor will attempt to clean the spyware infection without interrupting your computer. For many spyware types, all it takes is one click for Spyware Doctor to repair the problem. More insidious or dangerous infections may require you to reboot your computer so Spyware Doctor can get "first crack" at the infection before Windows finishes booting.

Real-time protection

The part about Spyware Doctor that we like best is that it doesn't let anything slip past it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - and Spyware Doctor is heavy on prevention. It scans your computer in real-time as you use it, preventing spyware from installing before you're even aware there's a problem.

Recommended by experts and novices

PC Tools' Spyware Doctor is used in repair shops, homes, and large companies the world over. Everyone from to Dr. Phil recommends this product, and for good reason - PC Tools makes great software, and Spyware Doctor is no exception.

Are you convinced?

If you are, we highly recommend you download PC Tools Spyware Doctor and put it to work for you right away. To download the product, click here - we know you'll be impressed.

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