Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Did you just delete an important file?

Don't pull your hair out if you've accidentally deleted something important. ParetoLogic Data Recovery helps thousands of users undelete accidentally deleted files.

Accidental deletion

Recommended solution: Data Recovery

Every computer user has done it: you're doing some "spring cleaning" on your machine, or just being a little careless with the keyboard, and without even noticing you've accidentally deleted some important file, email, or other data. Windows can't help you on its own, but with special undelete software like ParetoLogic Data Recovery, you can easily recover accidentally deleted files.

Built-in safeguards

Windows has built in safeguards to protect you from accidental deletion. Every time you go to delete something, Windows is kind enough to double-check with you by way of asking you if you're certain that you want to delete a file. Even if you answer "yes" to this, Windows doesn't actually erase the file - it just moves it to your Recycle Bin. It's only after you empty the Recycle Bin that the file is actually permanently deleted. There's good news though - while Windows can no longer see the file, the file's contents are likely still present on your hard drive. Certain file recovery products are able to directly scan your hard drive and recover these deleted files.

Recovering a deleted file

While you might be convinced that you've deleted your file, we're not. We have complete confidence that at least part of the file is still on your hard drive, waiting to be recovered. When you tell Windows to "permanently" delete a file, all it's doing is deleting the file's entry in the computer's list of files. The data itself remains present until another operation needs its disk space - until that point, it remains on your hard drive and is in all likelihood completely recoverable.

Our recommendation: ParetoLogic Data Recovery

Your best bet for recovering the remnants of your accidentally deleted files is a third-party file recovery utility. While Windows doesn't have this functionality included, it does allow for the installation and use of other utilities to assist you with this problem. At Undelete-All, we make it our business to review file recovery products in as many circumstances as possible. We've tested ParetoLogic Data Recovery, and in every test it's blown us away with its reliability, ease-of-use, and effectiveness. Furthermore, through a special arrangement with ParetoLogic, we're able to offer you a download of Data Recovery. This is the perfect product for undoing your accidental deletions, and we guarantee to you that it is safe in every way for use on your computer.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

The top choice for undoing accidental deletions

ParetoLogic Data Recovery is used in homes, computer shops, professional IT departments, and anywhere else where there's a need to undo harmful accidental deletions of important files. Whether you need to recover an email, find a missing document, or undelete a photograph, our users can rely on ParetoLogic Data Recovery. The software that we're able to offer you comes with our guarantee of safety and effectiveness - we're certain that you'll be just as impressed by this great software as we are. The interface is easy to use, the scan takes just a few minutes, and you're able to fully preview each of the recoverable files before proceeding.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

Undelete accidentally deleted files with ParetoLogic Data Recovery

Don't waste time and effort trying to recreate files that you've accidentally deleted. Our testing proves it: ParetoLogic Data Recovery is your best choice for recovering accidentally deleted files directly off of your hard drive. Its quick scan and immediate recovery means that you don't have to be without your files for any longer than a few minutes. Don't try and do without this safety net - try it today and undo your accidental deletions.

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