Recover any deleted file

Do you need to recover files?

If you've deleted critical files or folders, don't worry - they're not gone for good! ParetoLogic Data Recovery will scan and recover your deleted files.

Recover deleted files

Recommended Solution: Data Recovery

When asked about file recovery, most computer users picture a "clean room", with serious-looking technicians operating on the innards of your hard drive with electron microscopes as if they were surgeons in an operating room. It's true that in the most severe cases, this extremely expensive form of file recovery can be the only way to recover your files.

Our favorite file recovery software

Did you know that it's possible for specialized third-party software to recover most deleted files and folders? ParetoLogic Data Recovery, our favorite file recovery utility, does exactly that. ParetoLogic Data Recovery walks you through a scan and preview of all recoverable data and allows you to recover files. We recommend this download to all users who need file recovery.

Recover files without a clean room

If you're trying to recover files and your hard drive is still spinning, try a software solution first. When computers write files to your hard drive, they actually perform two operations: they save the data, but they also update a table of locations for all of the files on your computer. This table tells the computer what hard drive space is available, and what part of the hard drive is reserved for existing files. When a file is deleted, only its entry in this table is removed - the data remains intact until another operation overwrites the "deleted" data with new data. This is where file recovery software like ParetoLogic Data Recovery comes in handy - it can scan your computer for these remnants and recover them before it's too late.

How ParetoLogic Data Recovery recovers your files

ParetoLogic Data Recovery makes it very simple to recover your deleted files. After you install the software, it will scan your entire hard drive bit-by-bit show you a listing of all recoverable files that are invisible to Windows but still present on your system. This listing has full preview functionality, allowing you to inspect the contents of each document, text file, email, and image before choosing to recover them. After you choose the files you wish to recover, ParetoLogic Data Recovery will begin to reconstruct the files and place them in a folder of your choosing. The entire process only takes a few minutes, and the software is very safe and effective - most users find files they thought were long gone.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

File recovery made simple

Even non-technical users can use ParetoLogic Data Recovery to perform simple and fast file recovery on their computer. Don't wait too long, though - the more you use your computer, the more likely it is that the remnants of your deleted files will be overwritten and permanently destroyed. A download of ParetoLogic Data Recovery helps reduce this risk by letting you recover files immediately.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

The industry's favorite file recovery tool: Data Recovery by ParetoLogic

We at have thoroughly tested ParetoLogic Data Recovery, and we guarantee to you that this software is 100% safe. The software is free of all adware, spyware, malware, and other unwanted pests. Our tests show that ParetoLogic Data Recovery is the most effective file recovery software product. We know that if you try it, you'll be just as impressed as we are.

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