Recover deleted folders

Did you lose an entire folder to accidental deletion?

If you did, you might be panicking, imagining how tedious it will be to recover each item that was in the folder. ParetoLogic Data Recovery will recover entire folders for you.

Undelete folders

Recommended Solution: Data Recovery

While other undelete products may be able to recover individual deleted items from your system, only ParetoLogic Data Recovery has advanced deleted folder recovery technology. ParetoLogic Data Recovery makes it easy to recover deleted folders from your computer. Its fast scan will reveal deleted folders on your system, allowing you to organize and preview each one. Then, with a click of a button, you can recover the deleted folder in its entirety.

Lost folders

Before you assume that your file is gone for good, you should double-check to make sure it wasn't accidentally moved by doing a quick search for it. From the Start menu (or the Vista orb), choose "Search". Press "All files and folders", and then type the name of the folder and press Enter. If your file is still on the system, this search will find it for you.

What happens to folders when you delete them?

Folders, or directories, are actually just special files containing references to other files - a "directory" of files (hence the name). When you delete a folder, your computer actually just deletes the address of the folder - and all of the files that the folder contains (or "references") - on your hard drive. The data itself remains intact, and is usually recoverable; it's just not accessible by Windows through normal means.

Recovering deleted folders

To recover a folder and its contents, you need a special third-party undelete utility. We recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery to our visitors, since it makes recovering deleted folders very easy by allowing you to quickly scan and preview any recoverable folder it finds. Our tests and user feedback give ParetoLogic Data Recovery a success rate of close to 99% for undeleting folders.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

Our recommendation for undeleting folders

At Undelete-All, we test dozens of undelete products before bringing making a recommendation to you. Our tests show that ParetoLogic Data Recovery's deleted folder recovery abilities put in a league of its own - none of its competitors were as fast, easy to use, or as effective. ParetoLogic Data Recovery had no trouble at all undeleting deleted folders on our system.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

ParetoLogic Data Recovery: The top folder undelete tool

Undeleting folders is not a simple task - but ParetoLogic Data Recovery makes it look easy. That's why it comes with our highest recommendation if you've accidentally deleted a folder. Try ParetoLogic Data Recovery today - we're certain you'll be just as impressed with its folder undelete capabilities as we are.

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