Outlook deleted email recovery

Your deleted emails are recoverable.

Even if you can't see them in Outlook anymore, ParetoLogic Data Recovery can scan within your Outlook data file for deleted messages.

Deleted Outlook emails

Recommended solution: Data Recovery

While the recovery of deleted emails is almost trivial with some email programs, Microsoft Outlook is a special case. Microsoft Outlook uses a special database (called your "Personal Folder") that contains every single one of your emails. This database is what gives Microsoft Outlook its speed - but what it means that you need specialized, high-tech recovery techniques to recover lost emails from Outlook.

Data Recovery: The Outlook Specialist

Only ParetoLogic Data Recovery includes a special Outlook data file scanner that is guaranteed to be compatible with your Outlook data. Examining this proprietary Outlook information is no easy task. Your Outlook file, or PST file, is a complex database that requires special programming to open and read. Contained within this PST file is your calendar, contact list, email history, and every other piece of saved data from Outlook.

Guaranteed Outlook email recovery

To recover emails from Outlook, ParetoLogic Data Recovery first locates the data file and loads it into its memory. Then, the software goes through each record in the data file, performing a thorough search for deleted emails. Each recoverable deleted item - including calendar and contact items - are presented to you in a list. Before you proceed with the near-instant recovery process, you can sort and preview all of the deleted items - a feature unique to ParetoLogic Data Recovery.

Deleted Outlook email recovery

Through a special arrangement with ParetoLogic, Undelete-All is able to offer you ParetoLogic Data Recovery. This download gives you a total recovery scan of any Outlook data present on your system, including deleted PST files! In every one of our tests, ParetoLogic Data Recovery was the only file recovery utility that successfully undeleted from Outlook PST files. Because of this, we have complete confidence in recommending it to you for recovering deleted emails.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

Only ParetoLogic Data Recovery is guaranteed to recover emails from Outlook

Most file recovery utilities work the same way they have for the past 20 years: they scan the hard drive looking for unaddressed files, and try and restore these files to a folder you specify. While reliable in some cases, this recovery technique is completely useless when you're trying to recover deleted outlook emails. Only ParetoLogic Data Recovery has the technology to undelete from the proprietary Outlook database that holds all of your messages.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

The best Outlook undelete solution: ParetoLogic Data Recovery

At Undelete-All, we make it our business to test dozens of undelete utilities in as many situations as possible. Our special Outlook test, which examines a utility's ability to recover deleted emails from Outlook's proprietary data format, gave definitive results: only ParetoLogic Data Recovery has what it takes to perform advanced file recovery on Outlook. Try it today and recover your deleted Outlook emails in two minutes.

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