Undelete photos and pictures

It's possible to recover deleted photos.

With the right software package, you can scan for and recover deleted images from your hard drive. We recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery.

Recovering deleted photos

Recommended solution: ParetoLogic Data Recovery

Whether it's your wedding pictures or insurance photos, few things hurt more than accidentally deleting photos from your computer. Unlike other types of data, it's usually not possible to "recreate" a photo if you delete it. So what can you do? ParetoLogic Data Recovery scans for and restores all types of photo data, including JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, and RAW files.

What happens when I delete a photo?

If you've permanently deleted a picture (i.e., not just moved it to the recycle bin), your computer doesn't actually erase the photo's data. Instead, it just deletes its entry to your computer's file allocation table. In almost every case, the actual data representing the picture remains on your computer until another operation overwrites it.

How did my photos disappear?

If you're convinced that your photos deleted themselves, don't worry - you're not going crazy! There are many computer errors that can "eat" your files, especially pictures. If you interrupted their transfer from your camera, for instance, the data can be lost, or your computer may automatically delete data it decides is incomplete.

How can I get my pictures back?

The best way to get your deleted pictures back is to use file recovery software like ParetoLogic Data Recovery. ParetoLogic Data Recovery works on both computer hard drives and camera memory cards, and performs a low-level scan on your storage device that will find dozens of files that have been deleted in the past few weeks. More than 99% of our users tell us they find and recover their deleted pictures, and it's this proven success rate that allows us to recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery to you with complete confidence.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

Recovering photos: The process

ParetoLogic Data Recovery's process for recovering deleted files is actually quite painless. After the 20-second download, the software installs itself on your system and begins its scan. The scan itself takes about 3-5 minutes, during which the program lists recoverable files that it finds in real time. You can sort and preview each item in this list, allowing you to identify the photo you accidentally deleted before recovering it. Once you've selected files to recover, ParetoLogic Data Recovery takes another 20 seconds or so to undelete them.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

ParetoLogic Data Recovery: The photo recovery expert

ParetoLogic Data Recovery is compatible with all image formats, and can undelete from your hard drive and camera memory card at the same time. Our testing shows that ParetoLogic Data Recovery has the highest success rate while undeleting photos of all its competitors. We hope that you try it and find those important deleted pictures - we know you'll be just as impressed with it as we are.

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