Recover deleted PowerPoint files

Have you accidentally deleted your PowerPoint file?

If you urgently need to undelete a PowerPoint file for your big presentation, we can help. ParetoLogic Data Recovery recovers deleted PowerPoint files.

PowerPoint file recovery

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Of all the files to accidentally delete, you probably feel like you picked the worst. If you're working on a PowerPoint file, that means you were relying on an electronic presentation - a presentation that is now gone for good. Or is it? Lucky for you, the advanced PowerPoint file recovery technology that the geniuses at ParetoLogic have put in to ParetoLogic Data Recovery gives it a 99% rate of success when undeleting PowerPoint files.

Find missing PowerPoint file

It's possible that your PowerPoint file isn't actually deleted, but just misplaced. You should always check for this first before moving on to PowerPoint file recovery. To search your hard drive for lost PowerPoint files, choose "Start", then "Search". Enter *.PPT (or *.PPTX, for Office 2007 users) and press "Search Now". If your file doesn't turn up here, move on to the next step.

Using PowerPoint's Auto-Recovery

Have you suffered a PowerPoint crash that caused you to lose work? First, try restarting PowerPoint. There's a good chance that PowerPoint was able to recover some of your unsaved work for you. This doesn't always work, though - if PowerPoint didn't catch your unsaved work, you're going to need file recovery software like ParetoLogic Data Recovery

PowerPoint file recovery

If you've come this far, you're probably convinced that your file is gone for good. This is not the case! We've tested dozens of file recovery utilities, and we can tell you that ParetoLogic Data Recovery has a 99% success rate for computer users who are trying to recover deleted PowerPoint files. We encourage all of our visitors to try this great PPT undelete utility.

Undeleting PowerPoint files with ParetoLogic Data Recovery

After installing the 20-second download, ParetoLogic Data Recovery deployed on our system and started its file recovery scan. One thing we immediately noticed about ParetoLogic Data Recovery was how easy it was to find PowerPoint files with it - it has a special heading for "Presentations" in its recovery results that let us quickly sort through recoverable PowerPoint files. After the recovery scan was complete, we were able to preview and recover over 20 different presentations. The recovered files were placed in a safe directory that we chose.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

Why we recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery for presentation file recovery

We've tested dozens of other undelete utilities against ParetoLogic Data Recovery, and we can tell you that nothing else measures up. No other PowerPoint undelete tool made it this easy for us to find, preview, and recover our missing presentations. The other file recovery tools weren't as fast, and they didn't even find half the recoverable files that ParetoLogic Data Recovery found. That's why we can recommend this software with complete confidence.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

ParetoLogic Data Recovery: The right tool for the job

If you need to undelete a PowerPoint file, we hope that you try ParetoLogic Data Recovery. If you do, you will be blown away by how many deleted files it turns up. We're certain that your deleted PowerPoint file will be there waiting to be recovered. The sooner you act, the better your chances are - so try it now!

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