Undelete from Memory Sticks

Did you know you can undelete files from memory keys?

Just like other storage devices, you can undelete deleted files from USB flash drives. You have to act quickly, though - that's why we recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery.

Undelete memory sticks

Recommended Solution: Data Recovery

Memory sticks (or memory keys / USB flash drives) are more important to computer users than ever before. People rely on them to hold sensitive personal information that they need with them at all times, or to store critical documents. So what happens when something goes wrong and your USB flash drive is accidentally erased? Read on - we show you how to use ParetoLogic Data Recovery to undelete deleted files from memory sticks.

USB flash technology

A USB flash drive (or memory stick) is actually a very simple piece of technology. Basically, it consists of the USB connecter, a USB mass storage controller (used for storing and retrieving data over a USB connection), and the flash memory itself. When you plug a memory stick in to your computer, your computer treats it as a removable hard drive. Most memory sticks are formatted to use the FAT32 file system, since almost every computer can understand FAT32.

What happens when I delete memory stick files?

When you tell your computer to delete a file from a memory stick, the computer sends a "delete" command over USB to the USB flash drive's mass storage controller. The mass storage controller modifies the File Allocation Table of the memory stick - the index that allows the memory stick to keep track of where your files are on the memory stick - and the file's entry is deleted. The data, however, remains intact, and is recoverable. Because only the address has been deleted, it's possible to undelete the data from the memory key if you act quickly enough.

Recovering deleted files from a memory stick

To undelete files from a USB flash drive, you need a special file recovery tool. At Undelete-All, our testing showed that ParetoLogic Data Recovery was far and above the best tool for undeleting files from a memory stick. In our test, the software's fast, automatic scan of an attached memory stick found hundreds of recoverable files. We were able to preview each of the recoverable files before undeleting them on to our computer's hard drive.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

ParetoLogic Data Recovery: Expert file recovery from USB flash drives

Our tests prove it: ParetoLogic Data Recovery is the top undelete utility for getting deleted files back from memory keys. After you download the product, a scan of your computer and any attached USB flash drives will begin immediately. The software bypasses Windows and performs a deep scan of the memory stick, allowing it to see deleted files that are invisible to Windows. You will then be presented with a list of recoverable files that were found on your memory stick, all of which you can preview. Finally, the recovery process takes just 30 seconds, and your files are placed safely in to a folder on your hard drive of your choice.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

Why we recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery for undeleting files from memory sticks

Because of its high performance, ease-of-use, and reliability, we trust and recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery for getting deleted file back from your USB flash drive. We've tested this software on our own computers, and certify it free of spyware, viruses, and other pests. Try it today - we know that you'll be just as impressed with it as we are.

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