Recover files in Windows

Do you need Windows file recovery?

At Undelete-All, we make it our business to review and evaluate Windows undelete tools. The results are in: ParetoLogic Data Recovery is our top pick.

Undelete in Windows

Recommended Solution: Data Recovery

Did you know that even after you empty your recycle bin, your files are still recoverable? Once you "permanently" delete files, Windows can no longer see them - but that doesn't stop special tools like ParetoLogic Data Recovery from undeleting them for you.

Deleted files in Windows

When you tell Windows to delete a file or folder, it doesn't actually "erase" the data. Instead, it removes the data's entry in your File Allocation Table, the master table that keeps track of the location of all of the files on your hard drive. The data itself remains, although it could be overwritten at any time by other programs.

How undeleting files in Windows works

Special tools (like ParetoLogic Data Recovery, our favorite) are able to bypass Windows and the File Allocation Table and directly read off of the hard drive. When they do this, they look for special indicators that lead to "orphaned" files - files that Windows thinks are deleted but are actually recoverable. The software is able to read these files and copy them back to your computer, thereby undeleting them. The recovered files now act like normal files (maybe you should back them up this time though).

Undeleting in Windows with ParetoLogic Data Recovery

ParetoLogic Data Recovery makes Windows file undeletion easier than ever before. When you finish downloading the installer, the software begins a scan of your computer for deleted files. Recoverable files are listed according to category (like documents, folders, images, etc), and you're able to preview each recoverable item. When the scan completes, you select the files you want to recover and ParetoLogic Data Recovery puts them in a safe place for you.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

Why we recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery for Windows file recovery

Our testing has shown over and over again that ParetoLogic Data Recovery is the best possible tool for recovering files in Windows. Its fast scan and simple interface means that it's very easy to get your deleted files back. Its success rate is phenomenal: over 99% of ParetoLogic Data Recovery users successfully recover files on their computer!

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

ParetoLogic Data Recovery: Top Windows undelete tool

If you need to undelete files in Windows, we hope you take our recommendation and try ParetoLogic Data Recovery today. We're absolutely certain that you'll be just as impressed with its performance and recovery rate as we are.

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