Windows XP File Recovery

If you want effective XP data recovery,

you need software that was specifically designed for Windows XP's intricacies and file systems. ParetoLogic Data Recovery gives you the best possible chance of recovering files from Windows XP.

Windows XP Undelete

Recommended Solution: Data Recovery

Each version of Windows handles its files slightly differently. When you need to recover deleted files from a specific version of Windows, it's critical that you ensure that the software has specialized routines designed for your computer. If you're using Windows XP, you need to make sure that your file recovery software can handle NTFS, large partitions, XP file permissions, and other XP-specific problems. ParetoLogic Data Recovery is guaranteed to recover files from your Windows XP computer.

Challenges with Windows XP

Windows XP represented a major shift Microsoft's consumer operating systems. Before Windows XP, all Microsoft consumer operating systems (like Windows 95, 98, or ME) used a variation of the FAT file system. This ancient file system was a relic of the DOS days - from when computers didn't even have mice! Most Windows XP systems now use NTFS for their file system. While this improves data security and safety, it makes file recovery more complex, meaning you need advanced third-party utilities to get back your deleted files.

Effective Windows XP undeletion

To effectively undelete a file from an NTFS-based system, file recovery software needs to work around issues inherent to the new file system. If the file you were trying to recover belonged to a specific user, an older data recovery program might choke and not allow you to open it. Some data recovery solutions simply can't read hard drives sections the size that the NTFS file system allows for, meaning that files on certain parts of your hard drive will be non-recoverable. Worst of all, software that hasn't been tested on Windows XP can actually damage your system even further.

Data Recovery: Windows XP file recovery

With all this in mind, we recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery. Not only does this software excel at undeleting files from Windows XP systems, it also has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, amazing file recovery techniques, and full preview functionality. We guarantee that this software's recovery ability will impress you - if you're like our other users, you'll be able to quickly recover files that you thought were long gone. ParetoLogic Data Recovery can even undelete files from deleted XP partitions.

Data Recovery is guaranteed to:

Specially designed for Windows XP users

ParetoLogic Data Recovery is right at home in Windows XP. We've tested ParetoLogic Data Recovery on our Windows XP test machines in every possible configuration, and the software never failed to recover files from our computers. ParetoLogic Data Recovery overcame all of the obstacles mentioned above (like user permissions and large partitions) without any problems. The file recovery scan itself was quick and painless, and we were able to preview and inspect each recoverable file. Once we told ParetoLogic Data Recovery which files we wanted to undelete, the software went to work on recovering our old data. The whole process took just a few minutes, and the software passed our test with flying colors.

Data Recovery compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 6.4MB (20 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

Use ParetoLogic Data Recovery for XP file recovery

Our relationship with ParetoLogic allows us to offer you ParetoLogic Data Recovery. We guarantee that ParetoLogic Data Recovery works on Windows XP (Home and Professional), and that the free download is 100% clean of adware, spyware,and other harmful programs. Give it a try today - your deleted files will be recovered from your Windows XP system in just a few minutes.

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